The ten days of competition at the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing from 4 to 13 March 2022 will see approximately 740 athletes from 50 countries competing in a total of 78 events spread over five sports (Para ice hockey, Para Alpine skiing, Para Nordic skiing, Para snowboard and wheelchair curling). Beijing is the first ever city to host both the Summer and Winter editions of the Paralympic Games. The competitions will be held in three different zones: within the Beijing Competition Zone, in Yanqing as well as in Zhangjiakou. Both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be staged in the National Stadium, also known as the “Bird’s Nest”.

An overview of the three different venues:

Beijing Competition Zone

Ice Cube

The national swimming centre, the iconic venue that staged the swimming competitions at the 2008 Games, earned its “Water Cube” nickname due to its box-like design. With the 2022 Winter Paralympics in mind, it has been transformed into the “Ice Cube” where the wheelchair curling competitions will be held. After the end of the Paralympics, the multi-purpose venue will continue to be used for both winter and summer sports events.

National Indoor Stadium

National Indoor Stadium Originally built for the 2008 Summer Games, the indoor stadium is nicknamed “The Fan” as its design resembles a traditional Chinese folding fan. During the 2022 Paralympics, the venue will host the Para ice hockey competitions.

Ice Cube Hall


Located about 75 kilometres northwest of Beijing, Yanqing is a mountainous suburb of China’s capital. It boasts hot springs, national parks, ski resorts as well as a section of the Great Wall of China in the south.

National Alpine Centre

Situated in the Xiaohaituo mountain region in the northwest of Yanqing, the centre consists of seven slopes with a difference in altitude of about 900 metres. This is where the Para Alpine skiing events will be carried out.

Slopes of Yanqing


Situated about 180 kilometres northwest of Beijing, Zhangjiakou is a popular skiing destination. Thanks to a newly constructed express highway, all Paralympic competition zones are only a one-hour drive away.

National Biathlon Centre

Located to the north in China’s Hebei province, the National Biathlon Centre will host the Para biathlon as well as Para Nordic skiing events.

Genting Snowpark B

During the 2022 Paralympic Games, the ski resort will host the Para snowboarding events. All facilities used during the Games are only temporary. The area will be rebuilt after the conclusion of the Paralympics and returned to the owner.