The Chinese Wall

Services for the Media

Press Conferences DBS

Three online press conferences

  • March 3 – Opening Press Conference
  • March 9 – Interim Review
  • March 12/13 – Final Press Conference

News releases

Daily mailing of news releases, including selected Team Deutschland Paralympics images that in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the latest release can be used editorially.


Social Media features

Daily features on all the channels of Team Deutschland Paralympics

including but not limited to:

  • medal photos
  • photos of the day
  • preview of daily highlights
  • medal table/count
  • recurring motion pictures

… and lots more.

On-site interviews

Anzeige Toyota

To gain access to the competition venues, a prior booking is not necessary, but you need to register at the respective Venue Media Center (VMC).
The general measures to counteract Corona as well as all instructions issued by officials need to be followed in the competition venue mixed zones.
In principle, interviews can be conducted in the mixedzones, in the designated area of the Paralympic Village (prior registration obligatory) as well as the Main Press Centre (MPC).